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The Touch of Class Corvette Club (TOCCC) was founded in 2005 to provide fun and diverse activities for its members. You might think that the initial reason to join a Corvette club is all about the Corvettes.... and that's likely true. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the enduring reason to remain a member of our club is more about the friendships created than about the cars themselves. TOCCC members drive and enjoy their Corvettes and experience a wide variety of functions and events. From a pleasant drive to an out-of-the-way restaurant, or a multi-day event at locations throughout Florida and beyond, the members of TOCCC believe that sharing the experience of owning America's best sports car is an avenue for building lasting friendships.

To keep it intimate, a club size of 50 memberships was incorporated into the by-laws and this has proven to be a positive aspect for the club. Everyone knows everyone which leads to the creation of those LASTING FRIENDSHIPS.

But don't get it wrong! Our members are very passionate about their Corvettes, and some are very active, and successful, on the local show circuits. But ultimately it's the lunch runs, mystery trips, convoys to "who knows where" and the anniversary parties that keep the club thriving.

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Monthly Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:15 pm at Angelotti's Pizza, 130 Heights Ave., Inverness FL 34452 . Come early to dine and socialize before the meeting starts.

To contact us:

Send Written Correspondence to ... P.O. Box 632 Inverness, FL 34451
Send E-mail to ...
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