Joining our Club:

To join the Touch of Class Corvette Club a sponsored membership application must be submitted. Any club member can sponsor a new member.

Want to join and don't know any current members? Not a problem. You can do one of two things. First, download the Membership Application by clicking on the Membership Form button below. It's a digital fill in the blanks form. Your default PDF reader will allow you to type into the fields and save the completed form. Next, you can either email the filled in form to as an attachment, or come to one of our meetings with your filled out application and introduce yourself. Our Membership Chairperson will be happy to talk to you about our club and have you meet with a prospective sponsor.

If you have a sponsor, fill out the form and give it to him/her. Once submitted, you will be invited to one of our monthly meeting where you will be asked to introduce yourself.

As a requirement for joing our club. a prospective member is asked to participate in at least one club event or activity as a guest. This provides an opportunity for you to get to know the club and its members. Then it's vote time! At the end of the next monthly meeting, your application will be voted on by the members present. By the time of the vote, you will have already met and interacted with a cross section of our membership. At that point, it's as much up to you as it is up to the members whether or not you will join us.

Keep in mind that the Touch of Class Corvette Club has a maximum of fifty (50) memberships. When the roster is full, we do have a waiting list for prospective new members. As with any organization, membership positions open up from time to time. During the wait time you will be invited to attend our meetings and participate in club activities as a guest. Once you get to know us, we're sure you will decide that waiting to become a member is worth your while!
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